We know our hometown Anji is very beautiful, it is famous for the bamboos. And our hometown is an ecological country town, Most persons of Shanghai like traveling here. They called Anji is Shanghai’s flower back garden; The start of Huangpu River.

  But now, in order to attract more tourists, develop the industry of our hometown. The leader of Anji government announced an order: work hard for five years , make a new Anji. That means we will develop the industry . Maybe It will pollute the environment.

  It is good to see that nowadays both the government and people are becoming more aware of environmental protection and ecological balance. What we need to do now is to put our words into our deeds. And this should start from every and each one of us ,and it should start from small instances.

  Yes, the government has been doing a great job. And what about us? What should we ourselves do? Some of us may think that is quite difficult. But it can be as simple as: do not litter; and strictly observe the rules and regulations of the tourist areas. Use as few plastic bags and boxes as possible. When traveling, and whenever possible, use public transportation instead of always driving your own car.

  It is not that far to reach, right? It is just as simple as the famous slogan for travelers in TianHuangping says, Please take away nothing but your smile, and leave behind your but your footprint. I believe that more and more people now are becoming aware of the importance of environment protection. Just imagine if you sit in the Large Bamboos Sea and taste the white tea of Anji, that is so wonderful and comfortable. So now let us turn our passion into action. Give ourselves a brighter future to head to. Leave our next generation a brighter, greener, and better world to stay in. If not us, who? If not now, when?

  Thank you very much !


  It is universally acknowledged that tour can make people feel happy; traveling is a good way to relax oneself. Tourist data shows that people in China made a great contribution to the world tourism, and it’s more and more popular for people to go out for vocation. Though reports criticized that tourism had brought harm to the environment, I still believe in the rising pace of tourism.

  Well, there is no denying that at this moment, tourism has caused some problem to the environment, but what I want to emphasize is that such damage are raised by people, as long as we improve the environmental consciousness of our citizens, as well as perfect the public facilities, such as adding more dustbins to convenience tourists; building cafeterias to offer meals to them. I believe within a period of time, the situation can be relived.

  Environment itself also has the ability to recover itself. Years ago, when there were no so many tourists, and no industrial pollution, trees grew well, flowers smelt good, sky was blue, water was clean. Why the nature seems so unnatural now? It must be our own problem, for we have took too much, but paid back too less. Think how we treat our land. It is really unfair.

  Just as I mentioned before, tourism had brought great profit to our economic, whatever scenic spot it is, it must has the relationship with our land, our trees ,our water, etc., everything can’t separated from earth. So as you see, tourism won’t bring harm to the environment, but ourselves.

  It is good for us to go out to feel different culture atmosphere, and to see different local conditions and customs, but remember, protect our nature resources.


  Responsible travel is very well expressed in the famous travelers saying: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. Travelling is every one’s way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and sometimes, because we are so engrossed in our desire to enjoy and have fun, we tend to forget that the we only have one earth to live on and that we are all responsible for it. Very often, we are not conscious enough to realize that one little candy wrapper that we threw outside the bus while travelling could one day contribute to the blocking of the drainage system and could cause flooding in the area; we are not aware enough of the fact that the litter we throw away carelessly might one day turn the place into a trash dump; we are not considerate enough to see the tree we attempt to climb might be over 500 years old and can hardly bear our weight.

  I think we should understand that travelling should not be seen as something that is human-centered.

  It should be understood that when we travel, we should feel honored that we could still see and enjoy the beauty of the world.

  We, as a human being, should be responsible for the few of the remaining beautiful places in this planet. Being responsible doesn’t necessarily mean that we are required to do something grand for the environment. It’s those little things that matter the most. If everybody starts doing those little things, I bet it could change the world.


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