good morning everyone!  

  i’d like to introduce myself to you all. my name is yongxinyue.i’m  9 years old. now i’m studying in cuihualu primary school.   

  we  learn  chinese, maths, english, science and other subjects  in the school. and my favourite one is english. we usually play a lot of interesting games together in the english class, singing and dancing. it’s not like learning but playing.   

  i’m quiet and a little shy,  but i have many hobbies. i like singing,  reading,  drawing and playing the piano. after i do my homework,i can play some songs.though i’m tired of playing sometimes,  i feel proud/ when i can play a new song.   

  i love english very much, but i don’t usually speak actively  in the class. i’m so lucky  to attend this contest. my parents give me a strong support. so i feel confident  to open my mouth and speak english  in the public. i practice a lot these days. there’s a will,  there’s a way. i hope  i can freely communicate with friends all over the world. just do it!  

  thank you!  


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