My favorite animal is the little white rabbit. Under my repeated requests, on this day, my mother finally promised to buy me a small white rabbit home, I put it in their heart, don't think it's very small, like just a full moon. The small white rabbit ears long, sharp, his eyes were red, like two rubies. Mouth is like a little flower blooming, is three disc. Mouth beard with the mouth move their hands up, so funny!

  Is the small white rabbit likes to eat carrots and green vegetables. I and my brother every day go to the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables the little white rabbit. After go home, we wash vegetables washed, dried, then cut into section by section, the small white rabbit feed.

  One day, my brother and I decided to give the small white rabbit take a bath, I pick up a basin of warm water first, then put the small white rabbit in the inside, it may be a little nervous at first, always want to jump out, but we still give it a bath finished quickly. I found that, after washing, the small white rabbit had changed, especially thin, the hair is to stick a piece, and kept shaking. I quickly took a towel around it, stop for a while look back the little white rabbit.

  The small white rabbit bring us infinite happiness, every day we continue playing with it, watch it bounce, happily eating grass, we are very happy. Now, it's like a member of our family, and we are happy every day!






  In my home, with a cute little rabbit.

  My little rabbit is a black and white panda, rabbit feels fluffy, a pair of shiny black pearl eye always shining in, long ears, thin and big, occasionally can see bloodshot, above three petal mouths on a piece of a set with us always, like always in the eating.

  Its legs are short before long, to run, but it scared me at first, so, it is not often run. Wait for small rabbits and I acquainted, also show it that naughty character.

  On one occasion, it could run to the sofa say what also don't come out of the hall. In order to catch it, I'm too tired to full head big sweat, finally with "food bait" seize it. I was furious, but a small rabbit saw the lovely appearance, gas will disappear in time.

  Another time, how little rabbit don't eat, I picked up it, angrily threw the carrot into its mouth, but when I saw the little rabbit that sharp teeth, put the rabbit in the ground, in horror at the in the mind still kept on muttering, how so like the teeth of rats?

  Listened to my story, do you also like I this small rabbit?








  I keep a little rabbit named balls, it looks very lovely, I like it very much. Its hair is as white as snow, as soft as cotton, and glossy; It's intense eyes like a light bulbs; It's a small, three petal mouths, eating up to flexible; And two long ears often stand up, if in listen to friends and I speak. But my balls temper is a little strange.

  The little rabbit's temper is fickle. Balls are good at ordinary times, it will listen to you, eat green vegetables, immediately to the own basket to sleep sleep, never to bother others. If it feels too stuffy, want to play, it would be kind of grilled door, you just put the cage door open a crack, its body forward extrusion deftly and fled. Set it, the ball ball was gone, but you can find it on the lawn next to the village, you see it again flew roll on the grass, you no matter how to also can not catch it, until it play tired to go home. If it is angry with you, it is not to eat, no matter what you say to it, you won't manage it until his breath away. Balls when happy, it will use the body rub your hands, let you hold it, gently stroked it, soft white fur.

  Ball ball is actually a guy was very timid. When the dog came over, he huddled up and they were afraid, this pair is poor and lovely about often made everyone laugh.

  My balls is naive and lovely, provoking love.





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