校园月夜-Moonlit Night on the Campus

  Moonlit Night on the Campus

  It was a quiet night in October. Having read for a couple of hours, I closed my book and went ont for a walk on the campus. The moon was high above, bright and beautiful. The four blocks of grey dormitory buildings stand in neat array, bathed in silvery light. Shining magnificently, the moon floated in the thin sky. She followed me as I walked. It is always like this. When the moon shines, there are very few stars in the sky,so few that I can count them. They are some distance away from the shining moon.

  I looked at the moon and murmured to myself: Oh, Moon, female friend of ours, how many people sing of you; how many people write about you. You witness all the good and evil on earth, yet you always keep your mouth shut, showing a sweet smile and soothing the bitter heart. It seems that all your virtue and power he in tolerance and kindness.

  Walking along, I came to the students' dormitory. Dim lights flickered above the noodle stalls. The pedlars were sitting there minding their own business. From the windows, the lamplight came out. Inside, some students were playing cards. The dim tights and the lamplight somewhat diminished the brightness of the moon. I was a little disgusted.

  Walking further along, I saw the library and the classroom budding well lit up, as bright as day. The students there were working hard. They rack their brains tackling difficult scientific problems. A sense of admiration welled up inside myself. Involuntarily, I called to the moon from my heart. "Oh, moon, I could find your peers, rivals who could match yon. Since the advent of electric light, you have been somewhat neglected, yet how can we forget you when we travel on the ocean or in the desert? You light up the way for those who need you."

  Here I came to the school garden. The laurels gave off a fragrant smell, which intoxicaled (使人陶醉) me. The moon's shining face showed up new and then, in and out of the tree leaves as if she was playing a game of hide-and-seek with me. Then as I game and stood in the shadow of the tree, I looked up and lost sight of the gently smiling face. A touch of sadness came over me. I at once moved away from the shadow, left it behind and there still serene and silvery I saw the moon.

  The wind passed by and the trees waved their leafy arms. The fish in the pond shook their backs and flashed their dragon scales. What a cool and calm night.

  From the distance came soft music. The miraculous melody instantly drew me. I walked towards it and found some people singing. I wanted to join them, but it occurred to me that I had something more important to do, the lectures to be given the next day. I hastened back. Before entering my house, I turned and looked back at the moon, still high up in the sky, away from the few countable stars, shining magnificently in the thin sky. One cannot but admire her brightness. Yes, if the world is the sky, then everyone is a star. Everyone wants to shine. The moon has no light of her own. Yet it is so bright at night. She reflects the rays from the sun, the source of light and heat, the symbol of truth and knowledge. Since We know why the moon shines so magnificently and discovered the source of her brightness, why not follow suit and try to retch up with the sun?










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