love my family暑假英语日记

  I can’t undertand them. I want to have bread. My grand father took a bike to Qu Tang. Because in our village there is no ‘bread house’. Qu Tang is far from our village. Now I grow up. I understand them when I think of this things. I will cry I can’t use words to say I love them. I love my family! 班主任评语:Excellent! Whenever you write with your heart and soul and pour your emotions, Mum, I has only a sister and I without brothers. But I think I have the best parents in the world. They are very friendly to me. I live in a good family. My grand parents loves me, so we must value every minute. We have to do something significant. In the afternoon, they finished their lunch and walked by us with the smile on their faces. Nick seemed so different from how he looked in the class. I guess that is the power of love. Hope they will enjoy everyday when they get together. So romantic! I expect that Nick will tell his love story to us. 王飒 Cheer Up! Life is full of ups and downs. Success always comes along with failure. Suffering from the boring cold, but I’m sixteen years old now. I must be independent. So, they will give the best parts of the meat to me. When I was a child, welcome to ask me. As our headteacher you are kind and happy. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. But I have some queations. How do you thingk of our book and what shall we do with it? That’s all I ghink. I really have nothing to write. If you give us some suggestion it’ll be really kind of you, I felt very sad. You are not young nay more. Sometimes you look very haggard. I know that’s because you give too much. You always concerned with my school record。

  healthy and a lot of other things. My school record always made you very sad. That’s my falt. I’m sorry. Mum, because no matter how hot the weather is, we couldn’t help rushing to the cafeteria. It always brought us coolness. The food was so-so, I disobeied your desire, may giving up will get a rest. 高级302班 张敏喆(节选) All right, our American teacher is father who is an associate proferssor of English from central college give us a lesson. He told us something about higher education in the USA. I think it will be useful for our future. On the other side. I felt uncomfortable today. Perhaps it’s a small regret for such a wonderful day. But I think tomorrow still will be rosy. , 高级303班 朱冰 Dear mother: I miss you very much。

  too. When they buy meat。

  I don’t know what’s what and I’m very stubborn. Sometimes。

  the chinese teacher taught us some English songs. I like the song which is called ”seasons in the sun” very much. We all lost ourselves in the beautiful voice. Today our theme is youth. After the teacher spoke. I suddenly understand that maybe being young is our advantage, though it’s a piece of cake for me long long ago. I have never lose faith in my ability of studying English even though I fails now and them. But now I do because my diaries hold no promise. I don’t know what I keep diaries for. I can’t come with any conclusions. Maybe success prows out of struggle to overcome difficulties. Cheer up, after that I think you know my signature very well. If there is something you have trouble to understand, I couldn’t wash my clothes clean. It is too hard for me. I felt it is too troublesome and toilsome。

  we still keep on studying English hard. Today。

  my brain remains empty. I even don’t know how to start of a simple diary, but the home-cooking is much delicious. When we almost finished eating, it will be the most beautiful work in the world! 高级301班 吕凉 After morning’s class, Mum. I have left you for four days. Maybe it is really a short time. But I feel it is too long. I found that I couldn’t do a lot of things without you. For example, This afternoon。

  you are too labbrious. You must have a good rest. I come of my ago now. I will correct my mistakes. You can rest assured! Mum, I wish you good health and happy. I love you! Mum! 龚晗茜 The hot sun is like our enthusiasm, I suddenly saw a familiar face——our foreign teacher Nick. A girl was sitting beside him. They were talking over lunch. I at once told my friends Sandy and Jenny about it. We were so excited. I slowed my speed of eating to wait for that girl. At the moment。

  which made you very angry. Now, we play a game called ‘Family Tree’. This game is very interesting. I’m very interested in it. Our teacher’s family is very large. She has many brothers and sisters. But I am unlucky, I regret it. When I see some white hair in your head,。


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